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Having a Kingdom Mindset

Having A Kingdom Mindset
Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

Acts 3: 1-10 tells the story of Peter and John healing a lame man on their way to daily prayers at the temple. It would have been easy to walk past the man whose daily presence was a fixture in the scenery. Yet, Peter and John directed their gaze toward him.

World changing servants LOOK, LISTEN, SEE, and RESPOND to need with compassion.

The first step in blessing another person is to SEE them. The second is to LISTEN to learn, not to respond or fix. We must be willing to stop, look, and listen beyond our preconceived ideas, and political and religious labels, to learn the other person’s story. We need God’s help to do this. The more you nourish yourself in God’s presence, the more your focus is freed from your own world to see the people around you.

World Changing Servants don’t focus on what they lack but use what they have.

Peter responds to the need by saying “I don’t have gold or silver, but what I do have I give to you.” Peter and John are not limited by what they don’t have. They offer what they do have. A poverty mindset says, “I can’t”, and allows resources to dictate the vision, but a kingdom mindset asks, “How can I?”. A kingdom mindset sets the vision and seeks the Lord for the provision. God equips the called, and will provide for them where He leads.

World Changing Servants distribute God’s divine resources.

Peter extends his hand and with Jesus’ authority and power, tells the man to get up and walk. Peter, in the words of Warren Wiersbe, becomes “a loving channel of divine resources”. He can’t provide money he doesn’t have, he’s not a manufacturer of resources, but a distributor. Use all of who God has made you to be with all you’ve got, but rely on Him. Give Him your all. Let go of perfection and trust God with the results. You may not always have a clear plan or boundless energy to take on a task, or to reach out to a new person, but if you begin to move forward, trusting God’s Spirit to energize your gifts, he will equip you to be his hands, feet and heart in this world.

God has uniquely shaped you with spiritual gifts, heart passions, abilities, personalities, and experiences to serve in a particular way. Discovering and embracing how God has shaped and called you to serve can be a thrilling process in your spiritual journey. However, it’s critical that you have the right mindset and paradigm in order to use your gifts effectively. Acts 3:1-10 illustrates several key principles for a world changing servanthood lifestyle.


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